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"Nuarch Gave Me Dental Implants That Fit My Lifestyle."

I have a little story here. I never took care of my teeth. So, over the years, they started to deteriorate. And as I got older, I found that I couldn’t chew and some of the teeth were falling out. And being stubborn, I didn’t do much about it until I found this doctor.

And as I got older, I found that I couldn't chew and some of the teeth were falling out.

Dr. Sal:

So, George heard about implants and the type of solution that he was looking for through his buddies. And he happens to be a Hall of Famer from Buffalo Bills and the sweetest man alive. And he knew what he was looking for and he was very helpful in the process.


I was playing and I fell. And even then and after, I was doing a lot of picture taking for different outlets. And I was well aware of my teeth, the rotten teeth I had. So, I would curtail my smile if you will. And that was another reason why I thought I needed to do something about my teeth. I was a little embarrassed. I was very embarrassed, to be honest. But when I walked in, I said, this is the dentist’s office for me. And again, knowing talking to a number of people, and it included my teammate in Buffalo, I knew this was an expensive proposition. But again as I said, having the wherewithal to pay for it, if you will, I decided to go for it with this particular organization.

Dr. Sal:

He had some failing teeth. He never really experienced dentures so he didn’t really know what they felt like, but he understood that it would not fit his lifestyle. He’s also very active. He works out. So, we, he had already known what the benefits of it was, and he said, let’s go. And we did it. And it turned out great.

When he saw his smile for the first time, he said, wow. He was very happy and you could see the confidence in his eyes, and it’s just an awesome feeling.


The thing about Dr. Alptekin is the fact that every time I see him, he’s got a good word to say. He always asks, how’s it going, how’s the teeth, what adjustments can we make. And that’s reassuring. He doesn’t, like some doctors, he doesn’t perform his duties and then forget you. He’s there for you at any time. And I can say so with his help. I have nothing but good words to say about New Arch Dental Implant Center.

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