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"My Confidence Was Affected To To My Oral Health, Dental Implants Changed My Life."

My name is Mary Ann, and I got All-On-4. My teeth were falling out and decaying, and functionally, they weren’t working. It was embarrassing to talk to people, especially bright lights and things like that. When I was 24, I had two teeth removed, and I got bridges put in, and when they did that, they kind of ground down the surrounding teeth, so those fell out. And then I was a single mother and just didn’t have dental insurance and kind of let it go, and then it just kept going and going, and then it turned into the point where I was embarrassed to let anybody look at my mouth.

It was embarrassing to talk to people, especially bright lights and things like that.

Dr. Sal:

Mary Ann came to us, and she was using an upper denture, and her lower teeth were questionable. She had also been to another dentist, and her experience wasn’t what she was looking for. So we sat down, she was very clear that she hated dentures and she wanted a solution that would fit her lifestyle. And we also decided that her lower teeth were not serving her well. They had some multitude of problems, so they had to go. The challenge was there was, for implants, we had to use some specialized ones to be able to give her teeth right away.


Well, I knew that I needed to go to the dentist like when you lose your back teeth, then you start eating with your front teeth, and they just started going down. I still had my front teeth but I couldn’t smile because then you can see beyond that, and then those teeth were starting to break down, and it’s not good for your health, I’m getting older, you know, it was time, I had to.

Dr. Sal:

And when she heard, that she was happy. And she’s just a wonderful person, she was completely on board with this, and she helped us with the process from every step of the way. She’s an amazing person. I am just so proud of the outcome that we have for her, and she’s just, she, you can see the happiness in her eyes.


Even just going to TJ Maxx, and you’re having a conversation with the teller because the department store’s bright, you know. Totally your confidence just wears down like your teeth all the time a little bit, a little bit, a little bit and it’s just amazing. I became less of a social person because of my teeth, yeah, definitely. It’s definitely life-changing for the better, absolutely.

Dr. Sal:

She is an amazing person. She has a very active lifestyle, and a denture couldn’t support that lifestyle. So now she’s free, she can do anything she wants. She doesn’t have to plan her day around her denture anymore, and she’s healthy.


Dr. Alptekin is amazing. From start to finish, we’re still going through the procedure, and I am so blessed to have found him.

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