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A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, you may feel awkward smiling, or have trouble biting and chewing your food. The shape of your face may be changing as your jawbone recedes. In all these cases, dental implants are the “gold standard” solution for tooth replacement: with proper care, they can last a lifetime, and they restore up to 99% of your original chewing power. It takes a skilled implant dentist to provide the best dental implant care, and Dr. Sal is one of these dentists. He has even studied under Dr. Hilt Tatum, who is well known as a pioneer in the field of dental implantology.

NuArch by Dr. Sal is the best place to get dental implants in Ashland, MA. Our in-house dental laboratory allows us to create your implants with fewer visits to the office. Dr. Sal will carefully monitor your treatment; from your first consultation to your final implants, you’ll be completely in his hands.

What Are Your Dental Implant Options?

Regardless of the type, dental implants are made up of three components. These include a post implanted directly into your jawbone (providing support for the implant), an abutment that links the post to the restoration, and the final restoration. NuArch by Dr. Sal provides numerous types of dental implants, including:

From teeth cleanings to x-rays and oral cancer screenings we’re the hub for all your preventive dentistry care. Each visit will be tailored to your unique needs while always offering the highest level of care. Routine visits should be maintained twice a year in order to catch early signs of dental decay and disease and prevent them altogether.

Zirconia fixed bridges last longer than traditional bridges. Because they’re placed directly into your jaw, they don’t require healthy teeth to be adjacent to the implant site, and because they’re made of zirconia, they’re much stronger and more stable than traditional dental bridges.

If you already wear dentures, you may want to consider upgrading to implant supported dentures instead. These teeth replacements attach to permanent implants in your jaw, increasing your bite strength and providing more stimulation to preserve the health of your jawbone.

For replacing a full arch of teeth, we recommend full mouth dental implants. These teeth replacements, also called All-on-X dental implants, attach to several titanium posts that are implanted into your jaw or zygomatic bone. With proper care, they can last a lifetime!

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Avoid Making Costly Mistakes!

Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.
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Experience Makes a Difference

Dr. Selim Alptekin has more than 2 decades of experience with dental implant surgery and sedation dentistry in Ashland, MA, and he is committed to keeping up with developments in the field to provide his patients with top-notch care. In Puerto Rico, he studied under the renowned Dr. Tatum.

He uses the Fotona LightWalker™ laser for all dental implant surgeries, which reduces your pain level and healing time. It also reduces bleeding and provides greater precision during your surgery. The laser can also be used to restore and salvage failing dental implants. Dr. Sal is also committed to continuing his education, having taken courses in dental implants, short-term orthodontics, dental and therapeutic lasers, and dental sleep medicine, among others.

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Choosing The Right Dentist For Dental Implant Surgery

The Dental Implant Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

NuArch by Dr. Sal provides customized, individual care for each of our patients. Starting with your initial office tour and consultation, we’ll discuss your dental health goals and take detailed scans of your mouth. At your consultation, Dr. Altepkin will determine whether you need bone grafting or tooth extractions in the process of getting your dental implants. The next step involves creating your custom surgical guide: our in our in-house dental laboratory with 3D printing, allows you to have your dental implant surgery more quickly.

Step 2: Your Implant Surgery

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During surgery, you’ll be sedated. Dr. Altepkin is licensed to administer IV sedation in his practice as well as oral and local sedatives, so you can pass your time in the chair painlessly. Dental implant surgery can take a few hours, depending on the number and type of implants you’re getting, but you’ll walk away from your surgery with a temporary set of PMMA restorations.

Step 3: After Your Surgery

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The day of your implant surgery, you’ll fill out some forms with us before you’re sedated. We offer a variety of sedation dentistry options, from IV sedation to local anesthetic, meaning that no matter which one you choose, you’ll be fully comfortable during your procedure.

After your surgery, you’ll leave with a brand-new set of teeth! This temporary solution is made of PMMA, and is custom-made for you in our in-house dental laboratory, dramatically improving your smile in just one day.

The Long-Term Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a huge number of advantages when compared with other tooth replacements (such as traditional dentures or bridges). Because they’re permanently implanted in your bones, they act like artificial tooth roots and provide stimulation to keep your jawbone healthy. They’re permanently fixed, restoring up to 99% of your biting and chewing power. Dental implants also don’t require nearby healthy teeth because they attach directly to your jaw. Dr. Sal can even provide zygomatic dental implants if you have extreme bone loss in your jaw, meaning that even if you were previously told you aren’t a candidate for dental implants, you can come to him for a free second opinion.

Why Get Dental Implants?

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Keeping Dental Implants Affordable

NuArch by Dr. Sal recognizes that along with their numerous advantages, dental implants often come with a higher price tag than shorter-lasting alternatives. But since they’re the closest thing to natural teeth, we believe all our patients should have access to the dramatic life improvements that dental implant surgery provides. This is why we provide in-house financing and work with multiple third-party dental financing companies to help you afford this life-changing option. We want to make dental implant surgery in Ashland, MA affordable for everyone!

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