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"I'm Smiling More Than Ever Due To My Dental Implants."

My name is John and I got upper dental implants. It started probably about 5, 6 years ago. I started noticing tooth pain, kind of bounced around my mouth. So, I got used to avoiding certain areas over time. I got some bleeding when I brushed. I just kind of dealt with that for years and kind of push it on the back burner, everything else was a bigger focus.

Then, one day I was riding with my dad in a car close quarters. And he said, “You know, you got bad breath.” That kind of changed the game for me. It was like now, it’s other people’s problems as well. So, I started flipping through and looking for options.

So, I came across New Arch Dental Implant Center, and a lot of people had good things to say, but they specifically, the things I’ve focused on them was that they had mentioned that it didn’t have to be a negative experience. That it didn’t have to be painful, and that I didn’t have to be embarrassed. Those were all things that were big deals for me.

I just kind of dealt with that for years and kind of push it on the back burner, everything else was a bigger focus.

Dr. Sal:

We met John for the first time, and it was a very nice consultation. After some time, he was ready. And he’s a type of person that when he feels that something is right for him, he just goes through with it.


I think I felt like Dr. Alptekin was the right guy, because you really felt like he was being sincere. They did tell me they saved my bottom teeth, and see once the extra mile is to lengthening the top teeth so that I had a better smile, you can see them more.

So, he had mentioned all these things. He gave you a lot of good information. He explained everything, the whole process. What it was going to be all about, and I just feel very comfortable with them. When I saw my smile for the first time, I was really amazed. It brought back confidence that I don’t think I knew I was lacking. If that makes any sense.

As I say, I never had a good smile because I never showed a lot of teeth, but they can fix that. So, that helped, knowing that you… and my mother even said I look more friendly which was really a positive thing as well.

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